Fast Facts About Colonial Life Arena

Did you know that Colonial Life Arena ...

... has seating for nearly 18,000 fans for basketball and 19,000 for concerts.

... is the 10th largest on-campus basketball facility in the nation and the fourth largest in the Southeastern Conference.

... is a $64 million project with $44 million coming from USC Athletics Department funds. Other funding from the project came from state-appropriated funds ($12.5 million), and $2.5 million each from Richland County, Lexington County and the City of Columbia. The $64 million figure does not include land acquired for the site that was obtained in an exchange involving a Norfolk & Southern donation to the University.

... unlike most sports/entertainment centers, does not put taxpayers on the hook for any annual losses. The athletics department is responsible for any annual shortfall with those funds coming out of the athletics operating budget.

... will have an estimated $23 million annual impact on the Midlands area. During the two-year construction period, Colonial Life Arena had an estimated economic impact of $60 million annually on the Midlands.

... will have approximately 120 events a year, with only about 25 percent of the dates being University events.

... has enabled USC to sell more men's basketball season tickets than any other point in its history (the previous high was 8,200). Prior to the 2002-03 season, 12,000 men's season tickets had been sold with public season ticket sales taking place for the first time in more than a decade.

... impressed Bob Dekas, the CBS Coordinating Producer of NCAA Basketball, who conducted a television site survey prior to the opening of the building. "The Colonial Center is one of the nicest on-campus basketball arenas that I have ever seen," said Dekas. "And I say this having done every basketball arena survey for CBS Sports for the last 19 years."

... has an intimate double-deck design that puts every seat close to the action on the court. The distance from midcourt to the last seat in Colonial Life Arena is roughly the same distance as midcourt to the last seat in the Carolina Coliseum. More than 5,000 additional seats are packed into The Colonial Center, providing the ultimate homecourt advantage.

... has approximately 1,700 student seats located below the portals with 500 of those being sideline court seats. The seating arrangement for the 500 student seats is lowered to allow students to stand without blocking views of seated spectators above. Students had less than half of those amounts in the Carolina Coliseum (833 below the portals, 198 sideline court seats).

... has a state-of-the-art multi-million dollar scoreboard with four high-definition (12 mm) video screens. The scoreboard exhibits the latest technology and will provide fans with the best video experience.

... has two additional scoreboards on the facing of the upper deck and two "hustle" boards, keeping fans up to date on rebounds, steals, assists and the like.

... has a seating configuration that is very tight for basketball while expandable for other events. To achieve this, the 212-foot floor is completely exposed by pushing back just one end of stands. This allows for long floor events such as rodeos, a three-ring circus, hockey and motocross. Colonial Life Arena is one of just a handful of arenas in the United States with an unidirectional floor configuration.

... has a cantilever (or overlap) of the upper deck over the lower deck that extends further than any other arena of its size with great sight lines.

... has 41 private suites and other premium seating options, including four 42-seat entertainment suites and the 4,500-square foot McGuire Club overlooking the floor.

... had a cost savings of approximately $25 million by use of a pair of design features. The use of a single concourse helped to save some $8-10 million of construction costs, while the 342,000 square foot arena was built partly on a berm, saving 100,000 square feet of space at $164 per square foot. Approximately half of the lower-bowl seats sit on dirt as office and lockerroom space was more efficiently allocated.

... is the largest building ever constructed at the University of South Carolina at 342,000 square feet (almost 9.6 acres).

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